House decoration guideline

House decoration will be a really big challenge for anyone who is weak at matching and mixing. But home owner is gradually better for their house decoration thanks to help of designers as well as suggestions from them. In order to fresh up your house, the following decorative items are suggested by experienced designed to be in use.

– Use a colorful or unique lamp shade rather than the plain and bold existing one.

– Use layers of curtain for window covering. Instead of one old curtain you can ask for design of curtain with layers which will include a thin layer inside and a thicker fabric outside. Through wind, it can create the softness and coziness for the house.

– Use decorative items with 2 contrast colors such as a clock with white and black color. (more…)


Decorative paper: diversified and color decoration stuff

Decorative paper is often thought of as the coverings of gift boxes, however, in the modern and environmentally friendly driven life, decorative paper is employed for other purposes. The special decorative papers bear on itself some unique and particular pattern and color looking like picture and have given good visual affect.

It is likely that not all people are getting used to this kind of decoration item. If you find down some of your unused decorative papers and you are wondering what you should do with these papers rather than throwing them away. You should keep in hand some useful tips to make use of decorative paper as listed below.
It is noted that some people who are fond of hand made things can even make their own decorative papers based on what they have at home. An out of date calendar, magazine or brochures can become a real decorative paper if you know how to do.

  1. Ranges of gift box

Some living room can show you a range of gift boxes as decoration. They vary in shapes and colors and home owners will add more value to them by coating them with colorful decorative papers. This is one of the best ways of customized decoration. In some family, the boxes are free of cover, meaning they are placed to hold things, decorative paper in this case will be placed at the bottom of the boxes as the background to emphasize the stuff held inside. You are advised to have a range of boxes with fully coated with decorative papers to hold your clocks or jewelries in your make up table in the bed room.

  1. Basket

You can have several types of baskets in house. All of them are used for storing things. They look boring and repeated but you can refresh the feeling with new coat by wrapping decorative papers around the surface and outside of the baskets. (more…)


Kitchen decoration tips

Owner is going to decorate his kitchen more than ever as a clean and nice kitchen environment is useful to good appetite. Besides the fact that the kitchen must be kept clean and out of clutter all the times, there are many other details which owner should paid attention to.

  • Color of the decorative items

Color of the decorative stuff in the kitchen is attributed to establish the arching appearance of the kitchen. For instance total white furniture and decorative items will give the cold and plain feeling for the kitchen. Combination of other colors will change the mood. Normally, the kitchen should be bright and fresh so owner can love to be in and enjoy his meals.

A range of pots and pans could be decorative items for the kitchen. Manufacturer is offering set of colorful pots and pans varied in sizes. Some people will display their utensils in the kitchen cabinet as decorative accessories rather than for cooking only.

Color can be added by natural thing, here particularly mentions to flower and plant. They are alive so they can add more vividness to the kitchen. You can grow some herbs and vegetables in a small box in the kitchen table or counter. But of course, you have to make sure that they can fit with the total theme of your kitchen. Other kinds of colorful decorative items for kitchen can be artificial food and ingredients. A chain of violet garlic, red chili is available in the market as updated style for kitchen decoration tips. (more…)


How to make use of old decoration items

A good house decoration items does not mean an expensive or rare ones. You can make use of your existing items to create new house d├ęcor. By doing this, you should have an eye to look around and some creation ideas which will be revealed in the following parts.

  1. Pillow is characterized as the easiest and rather effective decoration items in all kinds of house, especially for the living room. A special and eye catching pillow coverings can contribute to the added value to the house look and emphasize personality of the owner. Pillows in the sofa can create the comfort and act as the welcomed invitation to all pass by visitors. A tendency to have a range of different and various pillows in style and colors can work out well in many cases.

Pillow can not be cheap if you purchase them in high quality shop. Rather than that you can think of making the coverings of pillows yourself. In this circumstance, you can make use of your old clothes, scarves or curtains. It can be a great crafted hand made products for the home.

How to make a pillow covering?




Tips to arrange decoration items

Sometimes, small and inexpensive decorative items can create the strange and amazing benefits to the house. As a home owner, you may know a wide range of decorative items for instance lights, artwork, pillow, curtain, carpets and other accessories. However, the core problem is how to arrange them in a good manner.

It is said that decorative items are the cheapest and quite effective decorating tool in regards of making new outlook. However, if the decorator is not handful enough then he can be troubled with a mess. Too much decoration with colors and styles can cause the clutter for the house.

The simple and easy to apply below tips are highly suggested for any home owners for their own decoration which can help them to avoid the above mentioned problem.

Density of the decoration: It is quite important for house and room decoration. Decorative items are various in styles and sizes but decorator should bear in mind that regarding good decoration less will work better than more. Meaning you are advised to choose some over many stuffs which you would like to decorate the house. A unique and eye catching cabinet can be more attractive than a sets of drawers. (more…)