NASA Tech Briefs Grand Prize Winner will Show up

Phil Kinnane October 7, 2011
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Just a couple of days ago we got word of the winners from NASA Tech Briefs Create the Future Design Contest. The Grand Prize winner was Monika Weber and a team (Christopher Yerino, Hazael Montanaro, Kane Siu Lung Lo, and Mark Reed) from Yale University.

Her entry was titled: “αScreen – Fast and Cheap Bacteria Detection”. She and the team have developed a miniature device for detecting low numbers of bacteria in less than half an hour for only $1 per test. Using dielectrophoresis, any bacteria is separated and detected using nanoribbon/nanowire field effect transistors. It has a potential to revolutionize diagnostics of bacterial diseases.


The whole bacteria separation system was modeled using COMSOL Multiphysics, and so we called Monika and invited her to the conference. As it is, she and the team have a pretty busy schedule with other conferences going on, but she was quite happy to show up on the Thursday and present the αScreen.

This is great!

For those who want to see Monika’s presentation, it will be the final one given in the Bioengineering I session on Thursday; around 6 pm.


Read more about the Grand prize at:


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